Starter Cultures and Fermentated Milk Products

Introduction of starter cultures & their importance in dairy industry, classification of Lactic Acid Bacteria; Metabolism of Lactic Acid Bacteria and diacetyl production, production of antibacterial substances by lactic starter cultures. Mixed and define strain starter culture; propagation of starter cultures; factors affecting their propagation; starter concentrates- direct bulk and direct vat starter cultures; starter distillates. Quality and activity of starter cultures; defects in starters and their control; starter failures; antibiotic residues, sanitizers and bacteriophages. Preservation of starter cultures: freezing and freeze-drying; factors affecting the survival of cultures during preservation. Role of starter cultures in the preparation of various fermented milks; classification of fermented milks Microbiology of dahi and yoghurt; different types of dahi and yoghurt; preparation; defects and their control. Microbiology of milk products; their nutritional and therapeutic significance. Kefir and Kumiss: origin and characteristics: microbiology of Kefir grains. Microbiology of other fermented milks such as Bugarian milk, cultured buttermilk, Leben and Yakult; their significance. Concept of probiotic starters and their application in probiotic dairy food.