Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Introduction; soil erosion - causes, types and agents of soil erosion; water erosion - forms of water erosion, mechanics of erosion; gullies and their classification, stages of gully development; soil loss estimation - universal soil loss equation and modified soil loss equation, determination of their various parameters; erosion control measures – agronomical measures - contour cropping, strip cropping, mulching; mechanical measures - terraces – level and graded broad base terraces and their design, bench terraces & their design, layout procedure, terrace planning, bunds - contour bunds, graded bunds and their design; gully and ravine reclamation - principles of gully control - vegetative and temporary structures; wind erosion - factors affecting wind erosion, mechanics of wind erosion, soil loss estimation, wind erosion control measures - vegetative, mechanical measures, wind breaks & shelter belts, sand dunes stabilization; sedimentation - sedimentation in reservoirs and streams, estimation and measurement, sediment delivery ratio, trap efficiency; characteristics of contours and preparation of contour maps; land use capability classification; grassed water ways and their design; introduction to water harvesting techniques; introduction to stream water quality and pollution.