Principles of Dairy Machine Design

Basic concepts in Statics and Dynamics. Force Systems. Equilibrium condition, friction, Law of friction, Second moments of inertia, Parallel axis theorem. Dynamics : Equation of motion. Translation and rotation of a Rigid body, work and mechanics of materials : Stress-Axial Load classification Strain-Hooke’s law, stress-strain diagram, Poisson’s Ratio : Shearing Stresses. Torsion, Torsion formula, Angle to Twist of circular members. Power transmission shear force and bending moments, Shear in Beams, Bending Moment in beams. Pure bending of beams, Flexural stress shearing stresses in beams relations between centre, Torsional and flexural loads. Machine Design : Procedures, Specification, strength, design factor, factor of safety selection of factor of safety. Materials and properties. Static strength, ductility, hardness, fatigue, designing for fatigue conditions. Theories of failure, Stresses in elementary machine parts, Design of a drive system. Design of length and thickness of belt. Bearing : Journal and Anti-friction bearings. Selection of ball, tapered roller and thrust bearing. Springs, helical and leaf springs. Energy stored in springs. Design and selection of springs.