Packaging Of Dairy Products

Introduction, Importance of Packaging, History of Package Development, Packaging materials, a) Characteristics of basic packaging materials: Paper (paper board, corrugated paper, fibre board), Glass, Metal, Plastics, Foils and laminates, retort pouches, Package forms, Legal requirements of packaging materials and product informatio. Packaging of milk and dairy products such as pasteurized milk, UHT-sterilized milk, aseptic packaging, fat rich products-ghee and butter, coagulated and desiccated indigenous dairy products and their sweetmeades, concentrated and dried milks including baby foods. Modern Packaging Techniques; Vacuum Packaging, Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), Eco-friendly packaging, Principles and methods of package sterilization, Coding and Labelling of Food packages, Aseptic Packaging (AP), Scope of AP and pre-requisite conditions for AP, Description of equipments (including aseptic tank) and machines- Micro-processor controlled systems employed for AP, Package conditions and quality assurance aspects of AP, Microbiological aspects of packaging materials.Disposal of waste package materials, Packaging Systems.