Milk Production Management & Dairy Development

Introduction to Animal Husbandry. Distinguishing characteristics of Indian and exotic breeds of dairy animals and their performance. Systems of breeding and methods of selection of dairy animals. General dairy farm practices- identification, dehorning, castration, exercising, grooming, weighing. Care of animals at calving and management of neonates. Management of lactating and dry cows and buffaloes. Methods of milking, milking procedure and practices for quality milk production. Dairy farm records and their maintenance. Systems of housing dairy animals and maintenance of hygiene and sanitation at dairy farm premises. Common disease problems in dairy animals, their prevention and control. Feed nutrients required by animal body. Feed resources for milk production and their nutritive values. Digestive system of ruminants. Measures of feed energy. Nutrients requirements for growth and milk production. Feeding standards. Structure and function of mammary system. Milk secretion and milk let-down. Male and female reproductive system. Estrus to reproductive cycle. Ovulation, fertilization, gestation, parturition, pregnancy diagnosis. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer and their role in animal improvement. Introduction to biotechniques in dairy animal production. Socio-economic and geographical features of Indian dairying. Traditional Systems of cattle keeping, estimates of milk production, utilization and sale; cattle & buffalo population and its distribution; trends in population growth, annual milk production and per capita availability; productivity profile of indigenous dairy stock, industrial by-products of livestock industry. Five year plans and dairy development; resource inadequacy, post partition pressure; catalytic action of international air; major aided dairy projects; public sector milk supply schemes; co-operative dairy organizations, Anand pattern and perspectives; milk products manufacture in private sector, import substitutions in dairy products. Strategy of cattle improvement; pioneering role military dairy farm; key village scheme and its limitations, intensive cattle development programme concept, approach and achievements. Public sector dairy schemes, Economic burden performance analysis, National Dairy Development Board-aim and objectives, policy orientation in dairy development. Operation Flood-I,II,III : programmes & Outlay, implementation, success, achievements, integrated infrastructure of milk production, improvements of dairy co-operative organization, Dairy development Corporations, Co-operative Dairy Federations, Self-reliance in dairy development, income & employment potential. Conversion of milk into products, utilization pattern indigenous & western products. Dairy problems and policies.