Marketing Management and International Trade

Concept of marketing ; Functions of marketing ; concepts of marketing management ; scope of marketing management ; marketing management. Process ; concepts of marketing- mix, elements of marketing- mix. Market Structure and Consumer Buying Behaviour: Concept of market structure, marketing environment, micro and macro environments. Consumers buying behaviour, consumerism. Marketing Opportunities Analysis: Marketing research and marketing information systems; Market measurement- present and future demand ; Market forecasting; market segmentation, targeting and positioning. Allocation and marketing resources. Marketing Planning Process. Product policy and planning : Product-mix; product line; product life cycle. New product development process. Product brand, packaging, services decisions. Marketing channel decisions. Retailing, wholesaling and distribution. Pricing Decisions. Price determination and pricing policy of milk products in organized and unorganized sectors of dairy industry. Promotion-mix decisions. Advertising; How advertising works; Deciding advertising objectives, advertising budget and advertising message; Media Planning; Personal Selling, Publicity; Sales Promotion. Food and Dairy Products Marketing. International Marketing and International Trade. Salient features of International Marketing. Composition & direction of Indian exports; International marketing environment; Deciding which & how to enter international market; Exports- Direct exports, indirect exports, Licensing, Joint Ventures, Direct investment & internationalization process, Deciding marketing Programme; Product, Promotion, Price, Distribution Channels. Deciding the Market Organization; World Trade Organization (WTO)