Irrigation Engineering

Irrigation Engineering: Irrigation, impact of irrigation on Human Environment, some major and medium irrigation schemes of India, purpose of irrigation, sources of irrigation water, present status of development and utilization of different water resources of the country; Measurement of irrigation water, weir, notches, flumes and orifices and other methods; water conveyance, design of irrigation field channels, underground pipe conveyance system, irrigation structures, channel lining; land grading, different design methods and estimation of earth work and cost; soil water plant relationship, soil water movement, infiltration, evapotranspiration, soil moisture constants, depth of irrigation, frequency of irrigation, irrigation efficiencies; surface irrigation methods of water application, border, check basin, furrow and contour irrigation; sprinkler and drip irrigation method, merits, demerits, selection and design; Participatory irrigation management. Economics of water resources utilization.