Groundwater, Wells and Pumps

Occurrence and movement of ground water, aquifer and its types, classification of wells, steady and transient flow into partially, fully and non-penetrating and open wells, familiarization of various types of bore wells common in the state, design of open well, groundwater exploration techniques, methods of drilling of wells, percussion, rotary, reverse rotary, design of assembly and gravel pack, installation of well screen, completion and development of well, groundwater hydraulics-determination of aquifer parameters by different method such as Theis, Jacob and Chow’s etc. Theis recovery method, well interference, multiple well systems, surface and subsurface exploitation and estimation of ground water potential, quality of ground water, artificial groundwater recharge planning, modelling, ground water project formulation. Pumping Systems: Water lifting devices; different types of pumping machinery, classification of pumps, component parts of centrifugal pumps; pump selection, installation and trouble shooting; design of centrifugal pumps, performance curves, effect of speed on head capacity, power capacity and efficiency curves, effect of change of impeller dimensions on performance characteristics; hydraulic ram, propeller pumps, mixed flow pumps and their performance characteristics; priming, self priming devices, rotodynamic pumps for special purposes such as deep well turbine pump and submersible pump.