Food Technology

Status of food processing industries in India and abroad, magnitude and inter- dependence of dairy and food industry, prospects for future growth in India. Harvesting, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables. Post harvest processing of fruits and vegetables. Peeling, sizing, blanching, Canning of fruits and vegetables,Drying and freezing of fruits and vegetables. Juice processing- General steps in juice processing, role of enzymes in fruit .Juice extraction, equipments and methods of fruit juice extraction, preservation of fruit juices, fruit juice clarification, concentration of fruit juices, fruit juice powders. Fruit juice processing ; Orange and tangerine,Lemon and lime juice ,Apple juice, Grape juice, Nectars, pulpy juices, tropical blends, Vegetable juices. Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, Pectin: Chemistry & technology. Fruits and vegetable preserves, Glazed, Crystallized fruits. Tomato base products: Juice, puree, paste, sauce, ketchup. Pickles: Principle of pickling, technology of pickles. Beverages – Classification, scope, carbonated non-alcoholic beverages and its manufacture. Fruit beverages and drinks, additives for fruit based beverages. Coffee: Production practices, structure of coffee/cherry, Coffee processing including roasting, grinding, brewing extraction, dehydration, aromatizxation, instant coffee. Tea-Tea leaf processing, green, red, yellow, instant tea.Technology of confectionery foods- Candies, Chewing gums and bubble gums, Toffees, Caramels, Standards of confectionery products. Chocolate products: Cocoa bean processing, chocolate liquor, Standards of confectionery products. Functional foods: Introduction, Phytochemicals, Milk ingredients as nutraceuticals, fiber-rich food products etc.

Cereal grains, legumes and oilseeds; Structure and composition of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, Milling of paddy, quality factors of rice grains, processing of rice bran oil, Instant rice, quick cooking rice, canned rice, Milling technology of wheat, Criteria of wheat flour quality, improvers for wheat flour, Types of wheat flour, Milling technology of maize, wet milling of corn, Milling technology of barley, malting of barley and its utilization in manufacture of value added food products including malted milk foods, Alcoholic beverages, Dehulling and processing technology of important pulses, Dehulling and extraction of oil in major oilseed crops like soy bean, mustard, sunflower, ground nut, Vegetable protein concentrates/ isolates, Utilization of oil cake in food formulation. Bakery and Snack technology :Technology of bread, biscuits, crackers and cakes, Technology of manufacturing process of Pasta foods- Macaroni, Noodles and Spaghetti., Technology of breakfast cereals: corn flakes, puffed, extruded snacks, Potato chips. Meat, fish and egg technology ; Development of meat, poultry, egg and fish industry in India , Pre-slaughter care, handling and ante-mortem inspection of animal, Stunning and slaughtering techniques, Postmortem inspection, rigor mortis and conversion of muscle to meat, Processing of meat and meat products: curing, smoking, edeboning and comminuted, Slaughterhouse sanitation, meat hygiene and zoonotic diseases, Processing of poultry meat, Egg and egg products – Processing of albumen, yolk and whole egg, drying and freezing of egg, quality assessment of egg, Types, handling, transportation and marketing of fish, Preservation of fish., Manufacturing process of fish protein concentrate, fish sausages, dehydrated fish and fish pickles. Cleaning and sanitation, Waste management of food processing plants.