Food Engineering

Rheology of processed food, properties of fluid foods, Rheological method, Measurement of rhelogical parameters, properties of granular food and powders, Properties of solids foods, Visco-clastic models. Measurement o food texture. Food Freezing : Thermal properties of frozen foods. Predication of freezing rates. Plank’s equation, Neumanna problem and Tao solution. Design of food freezing equipment, Air blast freezers, Plate freezers and immersion freezers, storage of frozen foods. Food dehydration : Estimation of drying time for food products, constant rate period and falling rate period dehydration. Diffusion controlled falling rate period. Use of heat and mass balanced in analysis of continuous dryers, fixed tray dehydration, cabinet drying, tunnel drying. Freeze Dehydration : Heat and mass transfer, Calculation of drying times, Industrial freeze drying. Equipment for pulping, Fruit juice extraction, Balanching, Dehulling, Size reduction and distillation. Practical: Study of rheological properties of foods. Study of freezers and freeze dryers. Design problems on batch freezers. Design problems for continuous freezers. Design problems on dryer. Visit to cold storage. Visit to food processing plant.