Food Chemistry

Water: Water binding and chemical reactions mediated by water. Food Proteins:Classification, physico-chemical properties, Reaction involved in processing, Reactions with alkali, Enzyme catelysed reactions involving hydrolysis and proteolysis, Theories of formation of texturised proteins. Lipid : Reactions involved during deep frying of food viz., autoxidation of saturated acyl lipids and polymerization. Lipoprotein and membrane ; definition, classification and involvement in the formation of biological membranes. Unsaponifiable matter contents in various fats and oils. Edible fats and oils, classification and chemical composition. Carbohydrates: Legumes, jellies polysaccharide viz. linear, branched and modified. Properties and utilization of common polysaccharides, viz. cellulose, glycogen, hemicellulose and pectin. Enzymatic degradation of polysaccharides, viz. agar, alginate. Carrangeenan, gums and starch. Production of dextrans and malto dextran. Food Enzymes: Hydrolases and lipases, utilization in food industry, effect of inihibitors, pH and temperature. Minerals in foods: Main Elements, trace elements in eggs, cereal and cereal products, vegetables and fruits. Aroma compounds in foods: Threshold value, off flavours. Food additives: Vitamins, amino acids, minerals. Aroma substance flavour enhancers-monosodium glutamate, nucleotides. Sugar substitutes, sorbitol. Sweeteners-saccharin, cyclamate. Food colours. Anti-nutritional factors and Food contanimant : Toxic-trace elements, radio nuclides. Cereals and cereal products : Individual constituents, like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins in cereals flour and their relationship in dough making. Type of flours, bread making and non-bread making: chemical composition, influence of additives/minor ingredients on baking properties. Physical, chemical changes during baking. Legumes : Classification composition and physico-chemical properties. Vegetables and fruits : Classification, general composition, chemical changes during ripening and storage. Jams, jellies and pickles : Classification, composition and preservation. Beverages: Classification, Coffee, Tea and Cocoa-gradation, composition, chemical changes during processing, volatile compounds. Preservation of Foods: General principles of food preservation, chemical preservation, preservation through irradiation.