Engineering Drawing

Drawing of lines, lettering and dimensioning types of lines, types, types of lettering, types of dimensioning. Drawing of scales. Plain scale, diagonal scale, comparative scale and Vernier scale. Drawing of projections; Orthographic projections, methods of projections. Drawing of screw threads; Types of threads and terminologies used in lit. Screw fastening: Types of nuts, types of bolts, stud, locking arrangements for nuts and Foundation bolt. Drawing of rivets and riveted joints forms of vivet heads, types of riveted; joints, failure of riveted joints. Drawing of welded joints: Forms of welds, location and dimensions of welds. Drawing of keys, cotter joint, pin joints types of keys, types of cotter joints, pin joints. Drawing of shaft couplings: Rigid couplings, loose couplings, flexible couplings universal coupling. Drawing of shaft bearings. Journal bearings, pivot bearings, collar bearings.