Electrical Engineering

Alternating current fundamentals: Electromagnetic induction magnitude of induced E.M.F. Alternating current, R.M.S. value and average value of an alternating current. Phase relations and vector representation. A.C. series and parallel circuits, Concept of resonance, polyphase alternating current circuits, three-phase concept, Star and delta connections, star delta transformation, Energy measurement. Transformers: Fundamental of transformer, Theory, vector diagram without load and with load, Losses, voltage regulation and efficiency of transformer, auto-transformer. Alternators: Elementary Principles, Construction and different types of alternators, E.M.F. in alternators, circuit breakers. Induction motors : Fundamental principles, production of rotating fields, construction, Rotor winding-squirrel cage and phase wound rotors, Analysis of current and torque, starting of induction motors, Motor housing, selection of motor and its controls. D.C. Machines: Construction and operation of D.C. generator, Types of generators, various characteristics of generator, D.C. motors, torquespeed characteristics of D.C. motors, Starting and speed control of D.C. motors. Electric Power Economics: Maximum demand charge, Load factor and power factor correction. Measuring Instruments: Classification of instruments, Elements of a generalized measurement system, static and dynamic characteristics.