Development of Processed Products and Equipments

Applications of unit operations to the food industry, analytical processing concepts with regards to mass and energy balances, equipment involved in the commercially important food processing methods and unit operations; value addition to cereals like rice, wheat etc. Parboiling of rice, quality of processed products of rice & wheat. Processing of pulses, spices and condiments; extruded food product, fermented food product, frozen and dried product, technology of meat, fish and poultry products, technology of milk and milk products. Technology of oilseeds and fat products, snack foods, Fruits and vegetables product: candy, nutraceuticals, food product development trends, food additives and labeling. Process equipment for thermal processing-evaporation, dehydration, drying, blenching, pasteurization, distillation; mechanical separation-filtration, sieving, centrifugation, sedimentation; mechanical handling-conveying and elevation; size reduction and classification-mixing; kneading, blending.