Dairy Plant Design and Layout

Introduction of Dairy Plant design and layout. Type of dairies, perishable nature of milk, reception flexibility. Classification of dairy plants, Location of plant, location problems, selection of site. Dairy building planning, Process schedule, basis of dairy layout, importance of planning, principles of dairy layout. Space requirements for dairy plants, estimation of service requirements including peak load consideration. General points of considerations for designing dairy plant, floor plant types of layouts, service accommodation, single or multilevel design. Arrangement of different sections in dairy, sitting the process sections, utility/service sections, offices and workshop. Arrangement of equipment, milk piping, material handling in dairies, Common problems, office layouts-flexibility. Development and presentation of layout, model planning, use of planning table in developing plot plant and detailed layout. Choice of building construction materials, floors, general requirement of dairy floor finishes, floors for different section of dairy. Foundations, walls doors and windows, Drains and drain layout for small and large dairies. Ventilation, fly control, mold prevention, illumination in dairy plants.