Crop Process Engineering

Scope and importance of food processing, principles and methods of food processing. Processing of farm crops; cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fruits and vegetables and their products for food and feed. Processing of animal products, Principal of size reduction, grain shape, size reduction machines; crushers, grinders, cutting machines etc. - operation, efficiency and power requirement – Rittinger's, Kick’s and Bond’s equation, fineness modulus. Theory of mixing, types of mixtures for dry and paste. materials, rate of mixing and power requirement, mixing index. Theory of separation, size and un sized separation, types of separators, size of screens, sieve analysis, capacity and effectiveness of screens, pneumatic separation. Theory of filtration, study of different types of filters, rate of filtration, pressure drop during filtration. Scope & importance of material handling devices, study of different types of material handling systems; belt, chain and screw conveyor, bucket elevator, pneumatic conveying, gravity conveyor- design consideration, capacity and power requirement.