Condensed And Dried Milk

History, status and scope in India and abroad, Definition and legal standards: Condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk., Manufacturing techniques;a) Manufacture of evaporated milk including pilot sterilization test b) Manufacture of sweetened condensed milk c) Recombined sweetened condensed milk.Grading and quality of raw milk for condensed and evaporated milk, Physico-chemical changes taking place during manufacture of condensed milk, Heat stability of milk and condensed milk, Physico-chemical properties of condensed milk and role of stabilizers in the stability of condensed milk, Chemical defects in condensed milk, their causes and prevention., Microbiological qualities of condensed milks, preservative used in evaporated, condensed & dried milks, a) Type of microorganisms occurring in condensed milks b) Survival and growth of microorganisms during manufacture and storage.c) Microbiological standards, d) Type of spoilage and their prevention. Recent advances with reference to freeze concentration and membrane concentration, Dried Milks: History and status in India and abroad, Grading and quality of raw milk for dried milks, Manufacture of skim milk powder (SMP), whole milk powders and heat classified powders, Physico-chemical changes taking place during manufacture of dried milks, Physical properties of dried milks, Defects in dried milk during manufacture and storage, their causes and prevention, PFA, BIS and International Standards for dried milk, Manufacture of infant foods, malted milk foods and other formulated dried products, Microbiological quality of various dried milks including infant foods and Management of condensed and dried milk industry.