Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship Development

Communication Skills: Structural and functional grammar; meaning and process of communication, verbal and non-verbal communication; listening and note taking, writing skills, oral presentation skills; field diary and lab record; indexing, footnote and bibliographic procedures. Reading and comprehension of general and technical articles, precis writing, summarizing, abstracting; individual and group presentations, impromptu presentation, public speaking; Group discussion. Organizing seminars and conferences. Entrepreneurship Development: Assessing overall business environment in the Indian economy. Overview of Indian social, political and economic systems and their implications for decision making by individual entrepreneurs. Globalisation and the emerging business / entrepreneurial environment. Concept of entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial and managerial characteristics; managing an enterprise; motivation and entrepreneurship development; importance of planning, monitoring, evaluation and follow up; managing competition; entrepreneurship development programs; SWOT analysis, Generation, incubation and commercialization of ideas and innovations. Government schemes and incentives for promotion of entrepreneurship. Government policy on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) / SSIs. Export and Import Policies relevant to horticulture sector. Venture capital. Contract farming and joint ventures, public-private partnerships. Overview of horti inputs industry. Characteristics of Indian horticultural processing and export industry. Social Responsibility of Business.