Chemical Quality Assurance

Importance of chemical quality control in dairy industry ; setting up quality control laboratories and testing facilities: mobile testing laboratories. Sampling procedures ; labeling of samples for analysis : choice of analytical tests for milk and milk products for chemical analysis; instrumental methods of analysis. Calibration of dairy glassware including butyrometer, pipettes, burettes, hydrometers, lactometers and freezing point thermometer. Preparation and standardization of reagents required in the analysis of milk and milk products. Application of PFA, AGMARK, BIS and codex related to dairy products for the quality control of milk and milk products. Preservatives, neutralizers and adulterants in milk and milk products and their detection. Accreditation of analytical laboratories ; Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). Prediction of shelf life behavior of milk and milk products. Milk contact surfaces, metallic contamination, environmental contaminates such as pesticides, antibiotics, heavy metals in dairy products: methods of estimation. Soft and hard water, temporary and permanent hardness, softening of hard water.