Cheese Technology

Origin and history of development of cheese manufacture, status and scope in India and abroad. Definition, standards and classification of cheese. Milk quality in relation to cheese making. Treatment of milk; Physical and chemical. Cheese additives and preservatives. Role of starter culture in relation to cheese quality. Rennet preparation and properties, rennet substitutes. Action of rennet on milk in relation to cheese making. Manufacture of different varieties of cheese: Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Mozzarella, Cottage.Microbiological changes during preparation ripening in cheese. Role of milk constituents and changes during manufacture and ripening in cheese. Factors affecting yield of cheese. Packing, storage and distribution of cheese. Accelerated ripening of cheese. Microbiological defects in cheese; their cause and prevention. Manufacture of processed cheese, cheese spread and processed cheese foods. Mechanization and automation in cheese processing. Microbiological critical control of cheese cold store.