Biochemistry & Human Nutrition

Biochemistry: Enzymes Ribozymes, isozymes, allosteric enzymes, zymogens, regulatory, Classification and mechanism of enzyme action, Factors affecting rate of enzyme catalyzed reaction, enzyme inhibition, Enzymes coenzymes and co-factors immobliation of enzymes, Nucleic acids and Bioenergetics : Structure and function, definition and composition. Structure of RNA & DNA-Anabolism and Catabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Vitamins and Hormones : Structure & functions, general description. Relationship between vitamins and hormones in terms of their biological role. Elementary knowledge of milk synthesis in mammary gland. Human _utrition: Theory and definition, Scope of Nutrition : Functions of the various nutrients in body. Digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Comparative requirements and nutritional requirement of different age groups. (WHO and ICMR standard) Methods of evaluation of nutritive value of foods Nutritional value of cow, buffalo and human milk. Milk intolerance: lactose deficiency and protein hyper sensitivity. Safety aspects of food additives, toxic elements, radionuclides, pesticides and antibiotic residues in milk and milk products. Institutional feeding of workers. Planning and implementation of national food and nutrition policies and programme. Regulatory aspects of nutrition, IDF code on nutrition, nutrition facts under NLEA, Nutrient descriptors, serving size and nutritional claims.