Agricultural Structures and Environmental Control

Planning and layout of farmstead. Physiological reactions of livestock to solar radiation and other environmental factors, livestock production facilities, BIS. Standards for dairy, piggery, poultry and other farm structures. Design, construction and cost estimation of farm structures; animal shelters, compost pit, fodder silo, fencing and implement sheds, barn for cows, buffalo, poultry, etc. Design and construction of rural grain storage system Engineering for rural living and development, rural roads, their construction cost and repair and maintenance. Sources of water supply, norms of water supply for human being and animals, drinking water standards and water treatment suitable to rural community. Site and orientation of building in regard to sanitation, community sanitation system; sewage system, its design, cost and maintenance, design of septic tank for small family. Estimation of power requirement for domestic and irrigation, source of power supply, use of alternate source of energy, electrification of rural housing. Scope, importance and need for environmental control, renewable and non-renewable resources and their equitable use, concept of eco system, biodiversity of its conservation, environmental pollution and their control, solid waste management system, BOD and COD of food plant waste, primary and secondary treatment of food plant waste.